Kitchen Event

We are currently raising money to build a kitchen onto a school in Malawi.  In this way, the children will go to school for food and education.  Daily attendance improves, concentration improves, better grades are achieved and girls are encouraged to get educated.  Children’s Lasting Power will provide funding to an organization called Mary’s Meals, who will have the kitchen built.  Mary’s Meals feeds 20% of the primary school population in Malawi.  Many of these children are orphans.  They will receive a meal each school day.  They will be served a meal of Likuni Phala, which is a porridge.  Children under six years old will also get maize and vegetable stew before leaving for the day. 

A kitchen costs $11,500 to build.  Please help us raise the money we need to build this kitchen to help these hungry children.  It only costs $16.80 per school year to feed each child, but they need the kitchen built first.    These children will gain a better future for themselves and their community.

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