Children's Lasting  Power
Children's Lasting Power was created in October 2011 by Courtney Pisano, a then 15 year old high school student in Raleigh, NC.  Children's Lasting Power helps raise money for various children's issues.  In August 2012, we helped foster homes in the Raleigh, NC area as well as broke a World Record for the Largest Post-it Note Mosaic.  

Courtney is now an 18 year old college Freshman.  In October 12, 2013, we brought  speakers from Chicago to come down to Raleigh to speak to girls and empower them.  In late 2012, Children's Lasting Power created an on-line campaign and then hosted a Bowl-A-Thon in May 2013 to raise money to build a kitchen onto a school in Malawi.  The date for this kitchen is not set since she is still working on getting to the necessary goal of $11,500.  Children's Lasting Power is now planning another World Record event for April 2015.

Click on the Kitchen Event to see on more information about this project.  Also, check out our Past Events page for pictures on our Post-it Note Mosaic.

Click here to donate for the Malawi Kitchen

Below is Courtney's Check Presentation at the Masonic Home for Children on October 13, 2012.
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